Pasture-Raised Lamb & American Wagyu Beef

To nurture you and your family.

Pasture-Raised Lamb & American Wagyu Beef

To nurture you and your family.

Small Family Owned

1000 Acres of pastures
Located in Thorndale, TX.


No antibiotics
No hormones
No animal by-products

Regenerative Agriculture

Pastures managed to build soil Biodiversity and store carbon


Sustainably raised animals freely roaming pastures in accordance with mother nature’s design.


Taste the difference in our all-natural, pasture-raised Dorper Lamb from our Ranch. No antibiotics, hormones or byproducts – just pure Texas grass and care from birth to plate.


Experience the taste of truly sustainable, locally raised, and nutritious beef with our American Wagyu cross cattle. Taste the difference that happy cows make!

“That’s the best piece of beef steak I’ve had… that’s saying a lot as I didn’t put any salt, marinade, or anything else.”

Kam Knight.

“Wow! The meat was flavorful, tender, soft, and juicy. My daughter Grace and I were so impressed with the flavor. We thought your lamb was better than any 5-star restaurant. We learned that it probably is a much higher quality and real lamb!”

Karen Faith.

Get to know your food on a personal level

With our local lamb and beef! Our family raises everything, so there are no middleman or re-sellers.

We take pride in the quality of our animals and make sure they are given the best care possible.

You won’t find any quantity over quality here-just pure goodness from us to your plate.