The Hackamore Ranch story is a true divergence of East meets West.

Cody’s Father came to the Big Bend country in Texas in the 60’s to pursue his dream of being a cowboy. Cody was born and raised on the range. Being the son of a Ranch Manager, he always had the dream of owning and operating his own Ranch.

Albina was born and raised in Uzbekistan (at the time the USSR). Her Father was a beekeeper, on a big scale. The Family owned 500 plus “families” or hives of bees. The operation was entirely Family operated and required them to live and travel from the mountains of the Silk Road, into the Steppes of Central Asia and to the rich delta regions of Uzbekistan. They gathered honey from the mountain flowers, the Steppe grasses, Fruit orchards, cotton fields and alfalfa fields.

Cody, cowboy at heart born and raised in Alpine Texas, Albina born and raised in Uzbekistan, met in Afghanistan, while working for Department of State as civilian contractors. After working for many years in Middle East, Central Asia and Africa we decided to start our family and our little cowboy Cato was born in Dubai.

In 2019 after rafting the world our family of three finally decided to settle in back to Texas, and settle into a life of Ranching.

While working overseas we built our 800-acre Hackamore Ranch in Thorndale, Texas. For the last 15 years of his life, Cody’s Father managed the seeding of Texas native grass, divided pastures, built lakes, and developed the infrastructure for livestock operations.

Today the ranch is fully operational. We are blessed to live and work at the Ranch, live the life that completes us and gives a chance to share the joy of great products with the people around us.