Have you ever been stumped when it comes to elevating the flavor of a lamb dish? Or you’re just getting started in cooking lamb, and the million-dollar question is: what herbs and spices should I use?If so, I’ve got your back! With two years of experience at my local farmer’s market, I’m here to share with you all the tasty spices that pair perfectly next time you’re cooking up some lamb.


It’s important to remember that lamb is a naturally delicate meat, with a unique flavor so you don’t want your seasoning mix to be overly aggressive.

Rather than overpowering the lamb taste, aim to compliment it or enhance its natural flavors. You want to savor the meat flavor, not overpowering spice.

The number one approach to seasoning the lamb, is you need to figure out, which cuisine you have in mind. Are you going to make Mediterranean, Asian, Indian, European, or American? There are a lot of spices that pair well with the lamb. By choosing the cuisine, you can narrow down your spice options.

Here are five basic spices that pair well with the lamb


Cumin is a fragrant spice that has a sweet, earthy taste. It can easily be added to marinades or dry rubs for lamb before it’s cooked. The cumin adds depth of flavor and pairs nicely with other herbs like rosemary and thyme. When using cumin in a marinade mix, try adding a bit of lemon zest for an extra zesty kick!


Coriander seeds have been a favorite in Middle-Eastern cuisine for centuries. The sharp, citrusy flavor of coriander complements lamb dishes perfectly, adding an unexpected punch of flavor to the already succulent meat.

Chili Powder:

Chili powder is a blend of dried chiles, spices, and herbs that adds heat as well as depth of flavor. You can add chili powder directly to your marinade or rub it onto the outside of the lamb before cooking. The chili powder will give the meat a slightly smoky flavor while still allowing the natural flavor of the lamb to shine through.

Garlic Powder:

Garlic powder is one of the most popular spices used in cooking lamb dishes. It adds amazing flavor without overpowering other ingredients in the dish. Try adding garlic powder directly into your marinade or rubbing it on the outside of your lamb before cooking for maximum flavor impact!


Paprika is made from ground dried peppers which gives it it’s signature mild yet smoky flavor profile perfect for any dish featuring lamb as its main ingredient. Use this spice lightly as too much paprika can overpower other flavors in your dish so start with just a teaspoon at first until you find the right balance!

Now let’s move on to the spices and herb mixes that pair well with the lamb.

Fresh rosemary, fresh garlic, lemon zest, black pepper, and salt are simple but amazing flavors that pair amazingly with the lamb!

Each of these ingredients adds its unique warmth and depth to enhance the flavor of the dish. When combined with some olive oil to create a delicious marinade or rub, it results in an aromatic and mouthwatering result. Shake off the stress of preparing complex dishes and turn to these classic ingredients for a simple yet delicious flavor.

Curry powder is a popular spice used in many recipes featuring lamb as its base ingredient.

This spice blend contains turmeric, cumin, coriander, ginger, and chili pepper which all work together to create a unique flavor profile perfect for any curry-style dish featuring lamb as its star ingredient.

Fresh mint/ Fresh oregano/ Fresh Thyme one of these herbs mixed with fresh garlic, lemon zest, black pepper, and salt:

When this savory blend of ingredients is used for marinating the meat before grilling or roasting, it will bring out the true flavor of the lamb. The strong flavors from these herbs and garlic balance the delicate sweetness from the lemon zest, while the black pepper and salt provide an extra layer of depth and complexity that can’t be beaten. You’ll be left with a succulent piece of deliciously seasoned lamb that’s sure to please.

Harissa paste with lemon zest or juice is the perfect condiment for lamb dishes.

Whether you rub, sear, grill, or roast your lamb chops or roast in the oven, this North African specialty will surely take your meal to the next level. The combination of herbs, spices, and chilis can bring a depth of flavor that is rarely matched by other sauces or seasonings. With an unforgettable taste that adds a unique twist to any type of dish, it’s no wonder why harissa paste with lemon zest or juice is such a must-have for all lamb eaters!

Greek seasoning is a wonderful way to add complexity and depth to lamb dishes.

The quintessential Mediterranean blend of oregano, garlic, onion, dill, parsley, marjoram, and thyme can be used in either a dry or wet form. Sprinkle it onto lamb chops before grilling or roasting for an extra burst of flavor; use it as an aromatic rub on lamb legs or shoulders which will permeate the meat while cooking; mix it into a marinade to give lamb kebabs a unique character. No matter how you choose to use it, classic Greek seasoning blends are sure to take your lamb recipes to the next level.

Shawarma Middle Eastern seasoning is an incredibly flavorful and unique blend of spices that makes lamb dishes irresistible.

This combination of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, allspice, and cayenne pairs perfectly with lamb kofta, which comes as no surprise considering its children’s favorite lamb dish! Not only does it enhance lamb kofta but when added to lamb ribs, steaks, and roasts it elevates the flavor even more. Give your lamb dishes a hint of Middle Eastern flair with shawarma seasoning; a guaranteed crowd-pleaser for every occasion.

So these are my favorite seasoning and herbs pairings that I think go amazing with the lamb. However, the magic of the cooking world is endless. Every one of us is unique and with a different flavor profile. Experiment and try with any sices you want, but remember everything in moderation!

Good luck seasoning your lamb and making perfection!



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