There are no words to express how much I love and cherish my husband. He is the best father, my best friend, and my savior. I love you dearly and thank you for everything you do for our son and me.

It is so cold outside as I type. We have ice storms, and it is pretty cold for Texas. Well, it is February, and the weather can be quite tricky. Just like the last year of 2020 February 18, it was so cold. I’ll never forget how cold I got that day.

My husband and I went to Goldthwaite, Texas, to check out the rams for our ewes. It was a good two-hour drive, but it was worth it. We picked six nice rams and were pleased with our purchase as we headed back home with the rams.

On the way back, we were talking about plans and everything else. We start approaching an intersection with yellow flashing lights, and all of a sudden, we saw a vehicle zooming thru red flashing light. It was going very fast, and at this moment, you realize the impact is unavoidable.

Boom, crash, airbags, glass, SOS button was screaming 911. After few seconds, we realized that we were hanging upside down in our 1-ton ford truck. The first thought in my head was my husband, screaming out his name, and when he answered and said that he was fine, it was such a relief.

We were trying to unbuckle as the belt was holding us. Trust me, seat belts work. They work well! After we unbuckled, we start crawling out of the truck, as the vehicle could catch fire.

We got out, looked at each other.

We didn’t have a scratch on us. We looked at the truck, not much left. We looked at the car which hit us. It was quite far from us, but there was no movement.

We checked on the rams as we were pulling a trailer. The trailer was empty. Poor rams flew out of the top and landed on the side of the road. Not one dead. They were all happily grazing on the side of the road.

Since that, I call rams batmen!

Adrenaline was pumping. The head was dizzy, police, ambulance, lots of people, asking questions taking signatures.

I was watching the rams as two ladies approached me. They start saying how sorry they were and asking if I was ok. I realized these ladies were the ones who hit us. I honestly thought that people in that car were dead.

The vehicle they were in smashed like a patty! And one lady had a small hand injury. They were born in the shirt and quite lucky! I wasn’t excited about what happened, but I was pleased that everybody was alive.

Police told us that in that intersection, there were thirteen fatalities already! My husband and I were fortunate.

That day I left my jacket at home. The morning was not that cold, and I thought I’ll be alright, most of the time in the car. So I wore only a sweatshirt. That was a terrible call. It got so cold that afternoon, and I was very, very cold! I couldn’t wait when all that would be over and friends come and pick us up. Finally, we loaded the rams, got in the car, and headed home.

I remembered that day that we stopped at the store, and I got milk replacer for the lamb as we were out. I got in the car send a message to my friend about picking up our son after we pen the sheep, and I went to sleep.

When I woke up, I saw my husband’s face, smiling and full of tears. I thought I had a dream. My mind was foggy. I was stiff, couldn’t move, and couldn’t see with one eye. After trying to focus and understand what my husband was saying, I finally realized I was in the hospital, and from what was going on around, it wasn’t that good.

I couldn’t remember anything since we stopped to get milk replacer for the lambs. My husband told me what happen after.

We came back home, and as it was freezing, I put on lots of cloth, and we got on ATVs to pen the sheep. I stopped to feed the lambs with bottles and headed ahead of my husband as he stopped to feed the dogs.

After he fed the dogs and went in my direction in the distance, he saw my ATV, but he didn’t see me.

As he approached, he saw me on the ground. First, he thought I was playing with him. But as he got closer, he realized that I was drowning in my blood. Blood was all over.

Luckily my husband is a divemaster, and he went thru numerous training with first aid. And he was in Afghanistan, in a war zone, for 13 years, so he didn’t get lost.

He saw that I was moving my feet and turned me to the side, so I don’t drown in my blood, which saved my life. If only he were three minutes late, it would be too late.

He called 911, the fire department and police responded very fast, they were trying to find where I was bleeding from, and there were no external injuries. I was bleeding hard from the internal nicked artery. The helicopter landed and airlifted to the hospital.

We assume that I passed out on ATV; evidently, I had a concussion from a first accident as I don’t remember anything since I went to sleep in the car.

I probably accelerated the speed on ATV and went off the road, and hit the cable across my chest. It looked like I hit it hard.

I ended up with six broken backbones, a crushed neck, a cracked skull, hematoma in my head, severe blood loss, double vision, and other injuries, which kept me in ICU for about four days. Docs were not happy the first 24 hours, they thought I wouldn’t make it, but I did.

A week after the accident, doctors sent me home, and you talk about miserable recovery. Painkillers, not being able to eat because of temporal bone fracture, brace for almost three months, double vision in one eye for four-month, it was no fun at all.

However, I was so determined to get better fast! I started walking in less than three weeks and was completely functional in three months.

The only side effect I have is partial hearing loss, so if you see me and call out my name and don’t get a response, I’m not ignoring you. I can’t hear you. I will have to obtain a hearing device soon.

You know, we can’t change things when they happen, but I know we can prevent them from happening. I don’t know what the lady who hit us was doing in her car, that she passed huge stop sign, red flashing light, and rumbling lines. She hit us at about 65 miles per hour.

Was she on the phone, was she trying to do something? We’ll never know. But the thing is, she was very distracted. She was lucky to walk away from the accident, but the damage she caused to us! Health issues, hassle, unwanted bills, you can imagine!

Today when I drive and look around, I see so many drivers glued to their phones, and it makes me so mad. These drivers may not kill themselves, but they can kill someone else.

I’m so thankful that our son wasn’t with us in the truck when it happened, but he could also lose both of his parents because of an irresponsible driver.

It’s a year since the accident. I must say it wasn’t easy for anybody. My recovery, COVID, homeschooling due to school closure, work at the ranch. My husband was very busy, but he handled everything like a pro. I’m truly blessed to have him by my side, and I can only imagine what he went thru when all this happened.

After the accident, I was thinking, why me, why this happened to us. I was getting stressed and depressed. But slowly, I realized how truly blessed I was that I could hug my loved ones. It could be so much worse. I could be in the wheelchair, brain-damaged, or dead! I start pulling myself together for my sake and the sake of my family. There was no time for self-pity. There was time only to go forward, be happy, enjoy life, and get the best out of it.

Lots of people thought that I would go away from ranching and do something else. But no, I got sucked in more.

I was still wearing an eye patch and brace when I was at HEB. While strolling at the meat section, my eye caught the lamb. I looked at it and was displeased. It didn’t look good at all, and it wasn’t local.

I had some thoughts before about direct marketing the lamb but wasn’t sure, and on that day at HEB I knew for sure what I wanted to do.

Today on the accident anniversary day one year later, our butcher called us and said that the meat is ready! It is our very first meat for sale.

For some, this may not be an achievement, but for me, it’s big. We went thru a lot in a year, plus we managed to breed the ewes, lambed twice, have over 300 lambs, and the third lambing coming in March. It’s just the sheep part, not mentioning other ranch operations.

On this day, we are set and ready to deliver people like you an amazing product that we created by hard work, sweat, and blood.

What I’ve learned from last year is that life can be short. It can end any day, any moment. Take every bit of it, don’t waste it.




And be happy!

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