I was always telling my husband, once we move back to Texas, I want chickens and our eggs!

The day came, and we moved back to Texas. I start looking for the chicks around but couldn’t find any. After some research, I found chicks on the Cackle Hatchery website. The waiting time was almost four months, but I decided to order anyway and ordered 100 of them.

Yes, 100 of them! Why one hundred? Is because I thought half of them would die! Cackle Hatchery mail their chicks to the post office, and I thought some would die in transit and some later. But tell you what, I was so wrong!

The day chicks arrived, we opened the box, and they were all alive! We dipped their beaks in the water and let them out.

Chicks start running around like cockroaches, everywhere! Not one dead! I must say Cackle Hatchery hatches excellent chicks and deliver what they promise.

We lost one chick about a month later. Not sure what happened to it.

Later, when we moved chicks from the barn to the chicken coop, we lost two more chicks. We lost them to the guardian dogs.

Dogs had no idea they were not supposed to touch them. We can’t blame them as we didn’t introduce chicks to the dogs! They were protecting their lambs from the birds. Chickens, in their mind, were hazards, so they went after them.

However, after they tasted chickens, we always keep an eye on our guardian dogs. It seems like they don’t mind visiting “Chicken Express” from time to time when no-one is watching.

While chicks were in the barn, we start building a chicken coop. My husband had a fabulous idea, but it did require lots of work and cash for just a hobby chicken house!

Originally he wanted to buy an old 20-foot metal shipping container and convert it to the chicken coop, but we had to back off, as the cost was relatively high.

Well, we had an old 50-foot container at the ranch and said, “why not? 50-foot it is!”

Construction of chicken coop began. I didn’t work much on it, but my husband worked his butt off.

  • He removed the wooden floor in the container, which was such a pain. I helped him with that just little :)

  • He replaced the floor with the expanded sheet, so we don’t have to clean the chicken coop. All chickens’ treasure falls through the floor, and when the time is right, we move the chicken coop to another location.

  • He removed all inside wooden siding, as we didn’t want anything to crawl behind the walls, and it’s just easier to keep it clean, hose it off!

  • He attached wheels and hatch to the container for pulling it with the tractor from one location to another.

  • Installed handy egg laying boxes.

  • Cut out the windows for more light in the coop.

  • Cut out a big hole in the container, and installed a walk-in door.

  • Installed a water system with a large water tank, so they don’t run out of water.

  • Trimmed cedar poles for roosting.

The chicken coop has two sections. The largest section is for the chickens, and the smaller one is for water tank storage and us to collect the eggs.

My favorite of this all is the light-sensitive automatic door! We don’t have to open or close the coop. The little door opens as the sun comes out, and all chickens run out. And it closes on its own when the sun is down, super handy!

The only thing left is to paint it. I want to paint it but would like to invite kids and let their imagination go wild with bright colors. I think it’ll add a charm to it!

The chicken coop turned out very strong, efficient, and convenient.

Chickens love their coop and becoming more responsible for laying their eggs inside the chicken coop. Before they were hilarious, they would lay eggs everywhere. On top of the cars, in the plant pots, on the field!

On the field, it was like an Easter Egg Hunt! Our son loved to run around and gather the eggs. And, of course, we found three hidden nests with lots of eggs!

As we can’t keep up with the eggs and we keep giving eggs away.

I decided to start offering the eggs at the farmers’ market, along with the lamb. The eggs are great, and I feel so confident to offer them to people like you.

If you have in mind to build your chicken coop or start with just a few, I think it’ll all so worth it!

The hassle of raising chicks, building the chicken coop is nothing compared to fresh, nutritious, delicious eggs.

You can’t go wrong with that!

And the bonus of this all is watching the chickens. They have a tremendous amount of character!

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See you soon!

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