I keep frequently discovering that some cooks struggle to cook Lamb for picky lamb eaters! I recognize exactly how it feels as my husband is quite a picky lamb eater!

I grew up in Central Asia. Lamb is ubiquitous in the kitchen, I was exposed to it all the time, and I can eat Lamb in any way!

My husband, no, he didn’t grow up eating it. However, he was exposed to Lamb a lot and had no choice of not trying it.

He enjoys some dishes with Lamb, but some of them he cannot stand.

Therefore, what can you cook with Lamb for picky eaters?

If someone doesn’t like the Lamb or never tried Lamb before, do not approach them with boiled Lamb, slow-cooked Lamb, and stews.

Lamb retains a unique flavor, and just like any other meat, it ultimately depends on how you cook it!

The best way to start cooking the Lamb for picky eaters is to grill it or roast it in the oven.

Everything on the grill tastes good! A smoky flavor or burning coals always make its magic.

When you try to impress the picky eater, I would highly recommend using quality lamb. Lamb should taste great-lamby enough, but not too lamby. Buttery and smooth, not chewy. It should have a well-balanced flavor. The texture is like beef, very firm, with a good tight grain.

You can start impressing picky eater with grilled mint lamb chops, and I promise even the pickiest eater will be unable to resist it.

My seven-year-old always says, “mom let’s make lamb chops with that green stuff on them, which is mint. ” He loves mint chops! And if a kid likes them so much, I’m pretty sure picky eater will enjoy them as well.

You can also make Turkish Burgers, which are merely delicious and made with ground lamb, or roasted Rosemary leg of Lamb.

The big, bold Lamb flavor goes well with spices like coriander seeds, cumin, curry powder, harissa paste, garlic, rosemary, oregano, thyme, black pepper, chilly flakes, and mint. Spices compliment Lamb, but it also holds its flavor with just salt and pepper.

Lamb pairs well with fruits like pomegranates, apricots, figs. It also goes well with dairy, yogurt, and feta cheese.

You can make a nice side with quinoa, bulgur, brown rice, chickpeas mixed with fruits, dairy, and topped with greens and spices.

Experiment with your cooking, and don’t give up on picky lamb eaters. They always come around, promise!

Join me below and get a free e-book: Six easy lamb recipes! But the recipes in this book are not for picky Lamb eaters; they are for lamb lovers!

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