Being together, for better for worse- brought us to living a fulfilled ranching life.

Marriage is a daily work- you have to work on it every day, and if you do, it works, and if you don’t, it doesn’t.

Nine years married and fourteen together. If someone told me that I’d be in ranching even a couple of years ago, I would laugh and say neeeeee, not me!

But today, here we are, raising sheep, cows, chickens, and have lots of pets!

Our love story began in a land torn by war Afghanistan when I went to work for my Darling. He had a construction business and worked for the US Department of State. From the very beginning, our life was super “exciting,” rocket attacks, shooting, keeping us on edge all the time. Was it hard to work and live together on a military base? Yes and No.

Yes- it was hard to see all the action going around, people dying, getting hurt, and not seeing my family as often as I wished.

No- Because I was with the man who was shining brighter than the sun!

November 1st of 2011, we said I Do!

Our wedding was in Dubai, small and very intimate, only with close family members. It was one of the best moments in my life, not just because we got married, but also because my family got together first time in five years.

We were all together, and it was a total blast!

After years of being in Afghanistan, we wrapped up operations and moved on to Africa and the Middle East. But before we did that, we welcomed our precious boy in Dubai.


Life with our little boy was and still is, pure joy, but business life was quite a roller-costar.

We made lots of good and bad decisions, and in this process, we had to learn a lot on how to stay put and work and live together.

So, how did we do that? I can’t say it all comes naturally, no. It takes lots of work.

Are we perfect and don’t fight? Heck no! Sometimes it feels like a silent clash of Titans! But with what we’ve learned, we overcome it pretty quickly.

Respect– is one of the most important for me. It doesn’t matter what situation we are in. Respect always comes first.

Support– we never say, “you did this, you said this,” no. If there is a mess up, we in it together. We always sort it out and keep on going with each other’s support.

Talking– is my least favorite but absolutely must. We don’t argue or fight, we leave each other alone, and when the time comes, we talk about it and go from there.

With all adventure and experience we had overseas; we finally decided to go back to Texas.

It was time for our son to go to 1st grade, and that was our goal to move back to Texas when he starts 1st grade.

My mom passed away, and I could tell my partner was tired from overseas life, he was out for 23 years, and it was time.

So we came back to Texas in April 2019. My partner settled into ranching and contracting life pretty fast, but I was lost, not knowing what to do!?

It was boring for me at the ranch, and I was so used to crazy social life in Dubai, where everything within easy reach. Here in Texas, you have to drive for an hour to get somewhere.

I was looking for a job while helping at the ranch. It was hard for me to decide to work somewhere from am to pm and jeopardize time with my family. All these years, we were like three musketeers, always together no matter what.

In November 2019, we added 400 ewes to our ranching adventure, and oh boy, it has changed my life dramatically.

I almost died twice in one day because of sheep. My partner literary saved my life. If not for him, I wouldn’t be sharing with you today, but this is a different story. Stay tuned for that one!

After all the exciting events with the sheep, I slowly got sucked into sheep life. I realized that I enjoyed it!

One of my passions is cooking; cooking is my comfort zone, I love preparing healthy meals for my boys, and I love the end product.

While grocery shopping, I start noticing that local lamb is not easily available in stores. Most of it imported from Australia, and of course, after consuming our lamb and knowing how good it is, I thought, why not share our lamb with you! And here we are.

I love doing what we are doing today. Is it easy? No, it is not!

It is lots of responsibility, physical and mental work- but knowing that we are giving the best life possible to our animals makes us feel complete and fulfilled.

Easy Roasted Lamb with Root Veggies