There are so many interpretations of local, but what local is?

Every producer and farmer has their own opinion and view on this question. Here is our way the way we think about what is local.

Some think if it says local on the label, it is good enough.

But not just the word local makes it right. It is raising the animal the way it is taken care of from birth till death.

Local allows you to physically visit the farm and see what happens at the farm.

It lets you talk to your farmer, see how animals are raised, ask questions, get the answers you want to know. As consumers, we have the right to know all about the product we purchase, especially if there is a local claim.

Local is:

  • Animals must be born on the farm and raised on the farm from birth to death. Animals must be treated humanely and with respect.
  • Animals must never be given antibiotics or hormones.
  • Animals may be treated with antibiotics for illness but must be diverted from the meat stream.
  • Ruminants ( animals with four-compartment stomachs designed to digest grasses) must have access to grass or hay throughout their lives.
    • Animals must be fully pastured- we call this pasture-raised. But does not have to mean their diet consists only of grass.
    • Animals may be fed grain either grown on the farmer’s land or purchased from a local co-op.
    • Animals may be grass-fed/ grain-finished or 100 percent grass-fed if ruminants. To us, fully pastured means animals are outside on pasture at all the time ( besides night time, animals can be in the pens due to predators)
    • Animals must be processed at a nearby inspected slaughterhouse and can never travel more than a couple of hours to get to one. Travel is stressful for animals.

      Above is a simple meaning of local, but it also makes animal’s life well worse it.

      All they need grass fields, sunshine, care, and most important, treated with respect. In the end, animals give their lives for our dinner on the plate, and we don’t need to forget it.

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