Perfectly balanced spicy lamb curry is a treat for a cold-weather day. It’s packed with unique flavors! This curry will make you smile and leave your taste buds tangling!


A story behind this recipe.

Oman- Muscat,

Beautiful Sultanate, with friendly people, rich culture, exciting history, and fantastic landscapes! The most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen are in Oman. They stretch along the coast miles and miles, so clean and serene!

Sunsets are enormous. It almost feels like you can touch the sun. 

My first visit to Oman, Muscat, was in 2013. We went to check out business opportunities, as there was lots of potential in a fast-growing Sultanate. 

After a long day of meetings and sightseeing, we were invited to dinner. I was quite hungry and tired, and I was about three months pregnant. Only my husband knew that I was pregnant. The team traveling with us had no idea about my pregnancy. 

Dinner was hosted at our friend’s house, and they were grilling yogurt lamb chops on the coals. Ohhh boy, I was drooling and craving for it so bad. 

So I went after lamb like no one’s business. I ate quite a bit of it and was delighted, but! I guess pregnancy kicked in, and I got so damn sick! I ran like crazy into a dark area where no one could see me between the cars, and all that indulgence came out in no time!

Everybody saw me running and probably heard me. My husband and I announced that night that we were expecting an addition to our family! Believe it or not, I had some more lamb after that again and gave everybody a good reason to raise a toast few more times!

We left beautiful Oman and came back for business in 2016 after the great adventures in Africa!

That’s when I met a fantastic friend, beautiful inside and out, Devi!

Devi is quite a person, she can be spiky like a rose, soft like cotton, sour like lemon, and sweet like candy! 

And most amazingly she is a fabulous cook! She knows how to balance flavors and present a unique Indian dish in no time!

Luckily we were living next to each other and spent lots of good time cooking and visiting. Devi would teach me how to make Indian dishes, and I would teach her how to make Russian or Uzbek dishes. 

Oh, I miss her dearly, and I miss our time together! I wish we lived a little closer and get together for our cooking sessions and late chats, but once this crazy pandemic is over, I hope she’ll come to visit us! 

One day Devi made spicy lamb curry. It was her mom’s recipe. That curry blew my taste buds. It was so good! It was spicy, but just the right heat, seasoning, and spice blend were terrific. 

I fell in love with this recipe! Devi would always share with me whenever she made it. But since we returned to Texas and she is not around to treat me to her cooking, I start making it myself. I want to share it with you and hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do. 

I miss you, my Dear friend, and can not wait to meet you again soon!

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See you soon,


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