“ Pull up a chair.

Take a taste.

Come Join Us.

Life is so endlessly delicious.”


A friend of mine never tried lamb before and didn’t know how to approach it. 

Her first response was, “I’m not going to like it!”- how are you not going to like it if you never tried it?!

Hmmm…., I thought to myself, and of course, one beautiful evening, we grilled lamb chops and invited my friend for dinner. I didn’t tell her what we were grilling, but she loved the aroma flying in the air.  

After she tried the lamb chop, she commented. Dang, it is so good, what is it? She could tell it was different meat but didn’t know what it was because she never tried lamb before.

After telling her that it was a lamb, she was stunned and said that she underestimated the lamb.

You know it does seem like lot’s of people underestimate lamb, and I think the reasons are:

  • They never tried lamb before

  • Lack of lamb in the stores

  • Not knowing how to cook it

For people who cook at home, lamb is not as famous as an option as beef, pork, or chicken.

Most people think of lamb dishes like those you can only enjoy in restaurants because of the common misconception that lamb is challenging to cook. 

But it’s about time that you find out the truth. 

Lamb is easier to prepare than most people realize! 

Cooking lamb chops is just like cooking pork chops. Preparing lamb burgers means replacing ground beef with ground lamb.

Roasting leg of lamb is easier than roasting chicken!

And there are no people who can refuse the aroma and taste of absolutely delicious Shish kebobs!

Just writing about it makes me drool!

So the best approach to try lamb?

Is to try it!


Get In touch below, and let me know what stops you from trying the lamb!

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