You work at the Ranch. Why do you work out? Working at the Ranch keeps you fit, and strong isn’t it? No. The right mindset, regular exercise, and healthy eating keep me strong for the Ranch!

Especially when it comes to our wild sheep :)

A couple of days ago, we were weaning the lambs, and we were sorting mommas from the lambs. I grabbed a ewe to redirect her but wasn’t strong enough to hold her.

She got away from my hands and hit me with her head on my head so hard that I saw a night with bright stars!

There is always something at the Ranch that requires an excellent physical condition year-round. It’s not just lifting stuff. It’s endurance, staying alert, and energy. If you lack that, then it’s pretty hard. Been there, done that!

Physical activity has been part of my life since an early age. I was outdoors all the time and was the best at PE class than anybody else.

From an early age in my mindset, I knew what it feels like to be fit when it takes nothing to run a couple of miles, hop on the tree or carry two water buckets to the third floor. Luckily that mindset and feeling carried on into my adulthood. It helped me a lot thru the years to maintain the focus on workouts and healthier eating.

Was I always at my best? No. There were lots of dips and still are.

My mind knows the feeling of feeling good and strong, and it pushes me towards achieving it.

But at the same time, there is a fight. Our brain is wired for survival and energy preservation. It’s just how it is. When it comes to working out or spending extra time in the kitchen, our brain starts screaming! It’s hard, don’t do it, save your energy.

Cave men had to preserve their energy as they were fighting for survival all the time. Today we don’t have to survive as cave men did. We go to the store and buy our food versus hunting.

Today we survive differently, but our brain still works the same, just like cave men’s.

Nowadays, there are so many promising ads. Laser fat removal, juice cleanses, apps, supplements, promising labels on food boxes.

Our mind starts looking for an easier way out. Our brain preserves energy. It is easier to buy packaged food or fast food than to make it from scratch in the kitchen.

It’s easy to swallow the pill and think it will help shed the fat or go to laser fat removal. But what is the result? Eventually, you’ll go back to where you started. You are changing the action but not the mindset.

Changing your mindset about your action will take you somewhere.

Think. If I make dinner today from scratch with good ingredients, what will it do for my family and me? It will put good nutrients into our bodies, get natural energy, and digestion will work better. There are so many pluses from wholesome, homemade nutritious food. You are in control of what you put in your meal. Not someone at the processed food factory, loaded with salt and sugar and ingredients we don’t understand.

Once we get good natural energy going in our body, go to the bathroom regularly, get less bloating and body inflammation, we start feeling better, we feel good.

Who in the world would want to change this feeling! It would be pretty hard to change it because you changed your mindset. Not just because someone told you, it’s because you know the feeling of feeling good. Your mind knows it, and it starts craving for it, just like you crave sugar.

Once your mindset is set for healthy eating, adding exercise to your life routine will blow your mind.

Think. What benefits can you get from exercising? Energy, strength, health, beauty, everything you want and expect from exercising.

Is anybody there in this entire world who can do this for you? No.

Only you can do this. You have to change your mindset to make yourself exercise. To achieve the feeling your brain will crave all the time.

Not the easy way but the “hard” way.

Why do I choose to go the “hard” way?

It gives me a great mood, keeps my guts working smooth, loads me up with good energy, keeps me in shape, gives me confidence, strength, helps with PMS, scares of bad thoughts, and helps me get back in shape quickly after unwanted breaks.

I work every day to keep my mindset in the right direction, just like most things in life. It is a process. It is daily work.

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Hope to see you soon,



Lamb Orzo
Souvlaki Skewered grilled Lamb with refreshing tzatziki