What is pasture-raised?

More than once I've been asked, what is pasture-raised?

Some assume that all animals are raised on the pasture, so why do we claim that ours are sustainably pasture-raised and what makes it better than industrialized practices ( commercial factory farming)?

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10 Health Benefits of Lamb meat

The nutritional value of the lamb is impressive. It contains a range of beneficial nutrients, including protein, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals.

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I have an accent, and it always triggers people to ask where I come from? I love when they ask me this question. One is because I like to share, and second I love to see the puzzled face when some hear Uzbekistan.


What is your way to stay fit and healthy?

You work at the Ranch. Why do you work out? Working at the Ranch keeps you fit, and strong isn't it? No. The right mindset, regular exercise, and healthy eating keep me strong for the Ranch!

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A year after two bad accidents in one day

There are no words to express how much I love and cherish my husband. He is the best father, my best friend, and my savior.

I love you dearly and thank you for everything you do for our son and me.

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Don’t know how to please picky lamb eater?

I keep frequently discovering that some cooks struggle to cook Lamb for picky lamb eaters! I recognize exactly how it feels as my husband is quite a picky lamb eater!

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