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Premium Quarter Beef Package: From Pasture to Plate

Elevate your culinary experience with our premium quarter beef package, where each cut tells a story of quality, care, and commitment. Our cattle are raised in the open fields, living a peaceful life grazing on lush grass, without the use of hormones, antibiotics, or animal by-products. We’re not just selling beef; we're offering a taste of purity and sustainability.

Key Features:

  • Pasture-Raised Cattle: Our cattle thrive in open fields, ensuring a happy and healthy life that translates into the quality of meat.
  • Grass-Fed Beef: A diet of fresh grass ensures that our beef is not only nutritious but also packs a flavor that is unmatched.
  • Hormone & Antibiotic-Free: We believe in natural growth, which is why our cattle are raised without any artificial enhancements.


By choosing our quarter beef package, you're making a choice that benefits not just your health but also the environment. With a focus on quality over quantity, we harvest one cow a week, guaranteeing that you receive the freshest, most ethically produced beef possible. This package is designed to keep your freezer and your stomach full for a while, offering both convenience and peace of mind.

What’s Inside Your Quarter Beef Package?

Your package includes a generous selection of cuts, weighing in at approximately 120 pounds:

  • Steaks: 20 pounds of various cuts including Rib-eye Bone-In, NY Strip, Top Sirloin, Bavette, Chuck Eye Steak, Denver Steak, Flat Iron Steak.
  • Roasts: 24 pounds, featuring Chuck Roast, Round Roast, Rump Roast, Brisket, Osso-Bucco.
  • Assorted Cuts: 16 pounds of Stew Meat, Patties, Ribs, Cutlets for versatile cooking.
  • Ground Beef: 30 pounds, perfect for burgers, meatballs, and more.
  • Cavemen Blend: 10 pounds (can be substituted with ground beef) for those looking for an extra boost in their meals.
  • Soup Bone and Suet ( Kidney Fat): 10 pounds each of soup bones and Kidney Fat Suet, enriching your soups and homemade dishes.

Delivery Options:

We understand the importance of convenience, which is why we offer several delivery and pick-up options. You can pick up your package directly from the Farmers Markets or our Ranch. Alternatively, we can deliver it right to your doorstep for free, provided you're within a 50 miles range. Please allow us up to 2 weeks to ensure your meat is prepared, packed, and delivered with the care it deserves.

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Don't miss out on this opportunity to indulge in beef that stands for taste, health, and ethical farming practices. Reserve your quarter of premium beef today and taste the difference of a product thoughtfully raised in harmony with nature.

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